Be at the forefront in product design and management

PI-AXIOM offers a unique opportunity to define the taxonomy of products in your portfolio. Transparency to differentiate products, understand a product’s purpose, designated target market, risks and its unique selling points.  With full governance, detailed restrictions on the use of a product, in keeping with regulations past, present and future.


    Differentiate a product at a feature level driving the Target Market. Ensuring product uniqueness,  ease of assessing suitability and eligibility criteria. Full transparency of products incorporating governance controls with a focus on client requirements for improved market fit.


    Evidence of products impacted and the resulting rules adopted to facilitate compliance.  With clear lines of responsibilities for ease of notification and reporting.


    An opportunity to become the de facto way to define a product, ISO CFI compliant, using a concise glossary of terms. Offering a unique knowledge base of product information shared throughout the organisation, with adherence to existing policies. Clear lines of responsibilities across disciplines and product ownership.

Modular by design

More than the sum of its parts

  • Dashboards / recent changes,  reviews and outcomes

  • Enhanced collaboration between, structuring teams, product managers, sales, risk and finance.

  • Searchable knowledge-base on client needs, objectives, target market  and eligibility criteria

  • Evidence of compliance in support of specific regulations.

  • Documentation repository linked in with workflow, ensuring accessibility when required 

  • Product information accessible from a single portal

  • Proven methodology to define products

  • Support for existing governance processes

  • Consistent product taxonomy and glossary definitions

  • Publication to down-stream systems, CRM, distributor hub, finance and risk.

  • Regulatory overview showing impacted products and implemented controls


Financial institutions offer a variety of products ranging from the familiar current accounts and credit cards to exceedingly complex, often opaque products,.

Regulators are increasingly focusing their attention on the product definition, it’s designated target market and the governance and controls with evidence of product reviews.

New regulations place a higher demand for: granular, consistence, accurate information in a timely fashion backed up by evidence. Into this landscape, we find product information is often silo across different business franchises, resulting in the need for reconciliation and delays.


Financial institution’s regulatory costs could more than double in the next 5 years



PI-AXIOM - a portal of product intelligence & knowledge

Challenging the status quo in product design and classification

PI-AXIOM offers a unique ability to leverage a taxonomy from both regulatory compliance, product control/management and sales perspective within a single portal. Modular by design, PI-AXIOM uses the latest cloud-based technology, making it configurable to meet your specific needs.

Enhanced data-feeds with a Product Taxonomy

Augmenting data feeds with a taxonomy

We work closely with Market Data providers to augment their data feeds with a taxonomy, standardising on the product classification, making it easier to identify regulatory constraints and compliance.

Taxonomy modelling, advisement and development

A proven taxonomy methodology

We can advise on how to build a taxonomy, avoiding some of the pitfalls and work in collaboration on the development of a taxonomy, using a proven methodology.

New Crypto-asset classification

Crypto-asset taxonomy

We can work in collaboration on a taxonomy for crypto-assets in this fast-paced evolving area, allowing you to compare and contrast and identify new crypto offerings.

Cloud-base architecture

Operational agility to grow with demand.

A cloud-based architecture affords the ability to grow as demand increases. Portable enough to be made available on multiple approved devices. Facilities increased collaboration with greater security with data held in the cloud and not on local machines.

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