Wendy Harrison


Our vision is to challenge the status quo in the way financial institutions think of their products and how they define them.

The way we challenge the status quo is to deliver concise, unambiguous product definitions in a central knowledge base that uniquely distinguishes products, how they serve specific client needs and then share this vital information across the organisation.

The result is a consistent, well-defined knowledge management system, with the transparency of features to assess complexity and appropriateness. Full disclosure of controls that stipulate to whom and where a product can be sold/traded, linked to specific regulations where appropriate.

We have experience and a proven methodology to codify the collective wisdom on the structure of financial products, on a pan-bank scale. Our solution PI-AXIOM provides a framework that encapsulates information, with different audience personas to deliver functionality specific to the audience’s role; ranging from Sales & Marketing, Structuring teams, Business Managers / Owners through to Product Control & Governance, Compliance, Risk and Finance.