Taxonomy Builder

avoid the pitfalls

One source, one version

Define and build your own product taxonomy using our proven methodology and PI-AXIOM’s unique functionality. Standardise on terminology, providing an accurate search capability. PI-AXIOM: the first step towards a single source of financial product information across your organisation.

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Crypto Taxonomy

due diligence, or just curious

Demystify Cryptoassets and Security Tokens

Leverage our Crypto Taxonomy, said to be most comprehensive Crypto Taxonomy on the market today, to explore this fast-paced evolving area. Compare and contrast digital assets, exposing their DNA and underlying technologies. Learn the terminology used and gain an insight into the regulatory landscape. A great asset to have for any due-diligence activity.

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Regulatory Overlay

unveiling regulations

The missing piece of RegTech

PRODUCT, often overlooked by RegTech for being complex yet goes to the heart of any Financial service company. No wonder regulatory compliance costs are sky rocketing.  PI-AXIOM: bridges this gap, by ensuring the regulatory treatment for ‘like’ product is consistent, transparent and can be evidenced. In collaboration with our legal partners covering different jurisdictions, PI-AXIOM offers welcomed first-aid for compliance teams.

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leverage our experience & expertise

A proven taxonomy methodology

We can advise on how to build a taxonomy, avoiding some of the pitfalls and work in collaboration on the development of a taxonomy, using a proven methodology.

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without compromise

Governance without compromise

With the rapid on-set of digital-assets and security-tokens digitalising existing financial instruments, it has never been more important to have a governance solution offering oversight of your product portfolio. How better to ensure existing controls are transferable to their digital equivalent? Ensure risks and target market parameters are understood and still enforceable.  PI-AXIOM is uniquely positioned through our Crypto Taxonomy work and Governance module to help the transition, while remaining compliant  to existing restrictions and regulations.

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today not tomorrow

Use our enhance search capabilities today, offering clients and investors a fast accurate way to locate assets,  financial products, crypto-assets, security tokens that are of interest, in-line with any pre-defined target market (MiFID) parameters. Using a more targeted approach to narrow and zone-in on financial assets of interest will avoid information overload and enhance the probability of a favourable outcome, by ensuring a better match. Interoperability enables existing web-sites to benefit from our product/crypto-finder functionality TODAY.

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